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About Us

What started more than 20 years ago as a small family operation producing and selling dried fish under the name Sun Dried Specialties - has grown into a culinary masterpiece of local cuisine. The loyal customers include not just people from Hawaiʻi, but all over - returning time and time again. 


It was a simple beginning back in 2000... the idea for Sun Dried Specialties was born in the early morning hours as Executive Chef Bryan Fujikawa sat on his boat rocking quietly with the gentle motion of the waves as he fished through the night. He realized the dried fish he’d grown up eating was disappearing. He, his wife Rebecca, and their two daughters began drying the fish that Bryan caught. They stayed true to the old way of drying. Using only fresh fish, Hawaiian salt, and the beautiful Hawaiian sun. The Sun Dried Specialties logo of a sunbathing Ahi quickly became recognizable as the best dried Ahi, Aku, and Opelu in the state and even on to the mainland.

Fast forward a dozen years to the birth of the Fishbowl and Kona Grill House. Bryan’s brainchild  to serve great food in an atmosphere that would allow visitors and locals alike to meet and get to know one another. What started as a small poke shop had its first expansion after only three months and has continued to grow ever since. The showcase still carries more than a dozen different kinds of poke made fresh each day, and now there is a second showcase for the desserts. Though daughter Alexis is now on the mainland making her mark as a Pastry Chef. Chef Bryan has continued what she started - baking desserts fresh every morning. People know if you don’t get there early then you are taking your chances and you may miss out on goodies such as Lilikoi Cheesecake, Key Lime Pie, or his Chocolate Macadamia Nut Pie.

But it’s the food coming off the grill that you won’t be able to forget! His customers like to say it’s five-star food out of a cardboard box. The best fish burgers on the island and his lobster crab cakes are out of this world. Daily specials range from smoked prime rib to lilikoi pork chops. You never know what might be the daily special but you can count on never walking away hungry and having a food experience you’ll want to continue coming back for.

And here we are kicking off a new venture!

Chef Bryan isn’t changing any of the great things that people have come to love. He is opening the door of possibilities, while he continues supporting his community.

Now, with the launch of KĀNOA GRILL, we are moving from our long-time home of Kealakekua to Kailua-Kona! Come in and enjoy the same 'ono food at our new location, next to Dominoʻs Pizza! 


Let us cater your next event! You create a menu of all your favorites for weddings, birthday parties, corporate events, and private dinners. Whether it’s off his menu or your own special request -  Chef Bryan is creating amazing food that is served at spectacular venues. He has cooked for events from Portland to Pennsylvania and is famous for telling people if you supply the grill - he will take care of the rest! 

Chef Bryan is excited to introduce the new KĀNOA GRILL and invites you to let him prepare a special piece of his Hawaiʻi, just for you!

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